About Us

Iqra Suffat ul Atfal is a well-known Islamic School in Multan for boys and girls that focuses on Islamic and Contemporary Education both .We began in March 2003 with 16 students. Now in 2020, Alhamdulilah we have grown by leaps  and bounds .Team of IQRA  is committed ,caring and professional in all that they do .Our growing numbers speak about our resounding success at being a popular choice among parents seeking an Islamic School imparting quality education in Multan.


Since its inception, Iqra Suffat-ul-Atfal  has lived by one mission.


The central goal of Iqra Suffat-ul-Atfal  is the formation of Muslim character as described in the following statement:

  1. A Muslim pursues spiritual goals through all his/her worldly endeavors. His/her behavior embodies and reflects Islamic morals and values.
  2. The pursuit of knowledge is among a Muslim’s highest priorities, and a spirit of inquiry is the prerequisite.
  3. Faith and action work together to lead a Muslim towards higher knowledge and progress, sound individual life choices, and service to society.
  4. The school seeks to develop in our students the values which define a Muslim: honesty, compassion, respect for self and others, pride in work, a commitment to justice, and acceptance of differences.