Junior School(Montessori):

Montessori Students are at a vital stage in their development where exploration and discovery are the vessels of learning .Students at this stage require a curriculum rich in variety and stimulation.

Primary School ( Level 1-5 ):

Our  goal in grades 1 to 5 is to make proper use of language second nature to our students.  The first few years of formal schooling are vital in forming a strong foundation for all subjects.  At this stage, the emphasis is put on ‘grammar’, which is the learning of conventions and basic facts – the ‘grammar’ – of each academic subject.  In a way, the grammar of language is the foundation on which all other subjects rest.  Until a student reads without difficulty, they can’t absorb the grammar of literature, history, science, and even math; until a student writes with ease, they can’t express their growing mastery of this material.

Middle School(Level 6-8):

Students in Grade 6-8 continue to develop independence and self-direction. The curriculum again continues to grow more complex, and the students are guided accordingly. Literacy and numeracy skills are excelled and students are taught complex applications. A strong emphasis is placed on problem solving skills in all subject areas.

Hifz-e-Quran (2.5 Years Course):

For Hifz-e-Quran ,Boy/Girl of age 8-12 is accepted.During the tenure of 2.5 Years,A student completes the following :

1.Complete Hifz-e-Quran with Tajweed

2.Basic Islamic Ilm-e-Deen Course